What is Naturopathy?

There are several tenets which underpin the essence of Naturopathy. Naturopaths see symptoms as “alarm bells”, which cannot be truly “silenced” until the cause of these symptoms has been treated or addressed.   It is important to avoid the suppression of symptoms (or alarm bells), and remember that quick fixes often break! 

Holistic, functional, naturopathic, alternative and complementary practitioners are all less concerned with a diagnosis and more concerned with the underlying dysfunctions that lead to the symptoms and the disease. They wish to determine:

What is harming you and needs to be removed to permit the body to heal?

What is lacking or what does your body need to promote healing?

A naturopath will consider many factors when treating a person – including your physical, mental and emotional state;  your diet; your family history; your environment; and lifestyle considerations. A Naturopath will treat each individual as just that, an individual. It is important to remember that your diagnosis or disease state does not define who you are.

Naturopathic treatments will support and stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself. Treatment options can be designed to suit a person’s budget, personal requirements, and with supervision from a qualified practitioner, many complementary therapies work very well alongside orthodox medications. Treatment may involve lifestyle advice, dietary suggestions, nutritional supplementation and/or herbal medicine. 

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